Blue Bloods season 9: The debate over Danny’s romantic future

Blue Bloods season 9This is a conversation that I’ve been waiting to dive into for some time when it comes to this show, largely because it’s one that so many people are likely to have strong opinions on. The relationship that Danny and Linda had was the stuff all great relationships strive to be — they were very much relatable in that they loved each other, but also had real conflict that they needed to work out. They always did it, and always found a way to be there at the family dinner table on a weekly basis. It was a really great example of a TV relationship mirroring a healthy real life relationship.

The case to bring in a new love interest for Danny in season 9 is quite simple: More of his wounds may be healed. It’s a subject that came up once during season 8, but he determined that he wasn’t ready at that time. In some ways, you can interpret him visiting Linda’s grave in the season 8 finale as him getting a little bit of closure and bringing the story full-circle. More than a year will have passed since the start of the season and it could be time to turn the page. It’s easy to root for Danny’s happiness, and it would be interesting to see what a love interest for him could look like.

Yet, having a Danny Reagan love interest in season 9 shouldn’t necessarily be at the top of the writers’ wish-list. I’d almost prefer they just introduce a recurring character who starts off as a friend and could become something more over time. Given the love that is out there for Linda from the fans, Blue Bloods needs to be sensitive about this and not force any of the characters to do something that they are not otherwise comfortable with. Try a character out, test the chemistry, and see if there are interesting stories to be told there. Then, maybe you find a way to expand on that relationship in the future. Danny has so much more to think about than just himself — he has two boys, and on some level they’re going to need to be on board with any decision that he makes.

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