America’s Got Talent video: Meet Annaliese Nock, Bello Nock’s daughter

America's Got TalentAnnaliese Nock is one of the contestants you’re going to see on America’s Got Talent Tuesday night and there’s a chance the last name sounds familiar. Remember Bello Nock, the wild daredevil who excelled at a wide array of different circus acts? Well, Annaliese is his daughter, and he is going to be on hand in order to witness her crazy audition stunt!

So what can you expect to see from her? The sneak peek below (via HollywoodLife) offers up a little bit more in the way of insight as to the specifics of her act — namely, that she gets herself nailed into a wooden box that later explodes. We don’t actually see the other side of the act, but this is a pretty worthy introduction to whatever it is that Annaliese pulls off here. Obviously, she didn’t just get blown up into tiny pieces — we have a feeling that this would’ve been on the news if that was the case.

Personally, we love acts like this on the show just because they offer up something very much different than the typical singers and dancers. There is such a small percentage of people out there who can do things like this or even want to do things like this. It’s dangerous, it’s crazy, and above all else it’s done with entertainment in mind. These are the sort of acts we wish there were more of in the entertainment world these days — they’re throwbacks and they are beyond exciting!

We’re pretty confident Annaliese will find her way to the next round, but beyond that, the jury is really out. She’s probably not getting the Golden Buzzer, mostly because we never seem to see people within this particular genre of act get this sort of love. Tyra Banks is, in the past two seasons, the only on-air personality to press it for someone other than a singer.

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