Big Brother 20: Meet houseguest Angela Rummans, fitness model

Angela Rummans

Welcome to our Big Brother 20 houseguest spotlight series! In these articles, CarterMatt will be giving you a first look at all of the contestants taking part in this epic season premiering on Wednesday, June 27 on CBS. We are here to share with you some basic information, alongside some fun facts and early assessments of all the houseguests as players.

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In this spotlight, we’re putting the focus on Angela Rummans a.k.a. one of the people who could scare the living daylights out of the other people. Her job is a fitness model (a reasonably successful one with more than 13,000 Instagram followers), but she’s also a top-tier athlete who has competed in a wide array of track and field events. Check out a small sample of her pole-vaulting skills in the video we have for you below.

Houseguest comparison – She’s fairly reminiscent of Brittany from season 16, who mostly is now well known for doing that soccer ball challenge in the backyard. She’s probably going to be pretty athletic and determined, but maybe not in the best way because she may not know how to mask it.

Have they seen the show before? – Probably not. This feels like someone in casting shouted “bring me a fitness model” and Angela’s headshot materialized on their desk. Yet, she does compare herself to Rachel Reilly … so maybe she did her homework.

Fun facts – We do think that she has some very admirable qualities, including giving 10% of her money to a different charity every month. It’s also awesome that she tried out for her high school football team so she can have something to talk about with real-life pro football player Kaycee this season. The problem with Angela is that she says “not to toot her own horn” in her bio, only to then play an entire symphony by Beethoven with it. She seems a little too high on herself to know how to be subtle within the game.

Early assessment – We can see Angela being the sort of person who makes it to around the middle of the game, largely because she may be able to hide her athletic ability for a week or two. After that, maybe she wins a couple of Head of Household Competitions, but she’s going to be evicted before getting too close to the end. Her one shot at making it to the end is if she’s terrible in other aspects of the game and someone just takes her as a goat.

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