Big Brother 20: Meet houseguest Brett Robinson, hacking specialist

Brett Robinson

Welcome to our Big Brother 20 houseguest spotlight series! In these articles, CarterMatt will be giving you a first look at all of the contestants taking part in this epic season premiering on Wednesday, June 27 on CBS. We are here to share with you some basic information, alongside some fun facts and early assessments of all the houseguests as players.

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What is interesting about Brett Robinson, a 25-year old cyber security engineer from Charleston, Massachusetts, is that he may actually be the sort of contestant we haven’t seen on the show before: A bonafide computer hacker! He’s one of the good guys, but it’s an interesting job that means that he is very analytical and probably way smarter than he will come across … especially since he plans to hide that fact.

Houseguest comparison – He’s a little like Johnny Mac in that he wants everyone to think he’s kind of clueless when really he’s well aware of the game and doing everything possible to get himself far into it. He says that he’s a big fan of Derrick, which makes some sense given that he wants to be reasonably under-the-radar and is operating under a fairly similar gameplan.

Have they seen the show before? – Definitely. There’s nothing in the bio that suggests that he’s a super-fan, but he knows the game and has an idea of how to play it.

Fun facts – Brett likes to snowboard and apparently is athletic enough that he can try to mask a big part of who he is. He also lists “trophy” as one of the three adjectives to describe him and someone really should tell Brett that “trophy” is not an adjective. Oddly, though, beyond the hacking Brett isn’t really all that open to sharing about his life. Most of his answers are actually quite dull and we’re a little bummed he’s not more interested in entertaining us with his bio.

Early assessment – Brett’s a possible winner, but he’s more than likely to fall within the middle / late part of the jury. The whole “I’m going to hide a big part of who I am” strategy rarely works for anyone not named Derrick or Vanessa Rousso, and he doesn’t have a job that is predicated on bluffing or creating alternate personalities. He’ll get caught eventually.

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