Big Brother 20: Meet houseguest Angie ‘Rockstar’ Lantry, stay-at-home mom

Angie 'Rockstar' LantryWelcome to our Big Brother 20 houseguest spotlight series! In these articles, CarterMatt will be giving you a first look at all of the contestants taking part in this epic season premiering on Wednesday, June 27 on CBS. We are here to share with you some basic information, alongside some fun facts and early assessments of all the houseguests as

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The focus of this particular spotlight is Angie “Rockstar” Lantry, and if there is one immediate reaction we have it’s DON’T ENTER THE HOUSE GIVING YOURSELF A NICKNAME. Sure, someone else may have given it to her, but we don’t know that! Having a nickname only works if it’s not something proclaiming publicly how awesome you supposedly are. Already a major cause for concern here.

Houseguest comparison – Funny story — just from looking at her (and her nickname) it was easy to tell that she would compare herself to Joey from season 16 and Frankie Grande. Lo and behold, she did. Also, she describes herself as “magical.” Writing these words down are starting to send a chill up our spine.

Have they seen the show before? – She probably has or at least watched season 16. She seems ready and raring to come into the game with all of her stories and big energy and everything else that Frankie had, so be ready for that.

Fun facts – Angie is a 34-year old stay-at-home mom from Columbia, Maryland, so from that vantage point we actually love that she’s coming out here to play the game. She also has a pretty interesting history that you can read a little bit more about over here. She’s been through some times.

On a stranger note, apparently Angie wants to bring crystals into the house for “power purposes” and she’s not the only person doing this and we’re starting to wonder if Spencer Pratt is secretly puppet-mastering a big part of this season. Also, a unicorn walked her down the aisle at her wedding. Yes you read that right.

Early assessment – The good news for Angie is that despite all of her quirks and a profile that screams “I want attention and to be a big personality,” she’s actually a normal person who has lived a really full life. We’ve been hard on her in this article, mostly because we found Frankie’s attempts to hog the camera at times insufferable in season 16. We don’t find ourselves thinking that Angie has any chance at all of lasting until the start of August, but we do want her to have a good experience.

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