Big Brother 20: Meet houseguest Winston Hines, medical sales rep

Winston HinesWelcome to our Big Brother 20 houseguest spotlight series! In these articles, CarterMatt will be giving you a first look at all of the contestants taking part in this epic season premiering on Wednesday, June 27 on CBS. We are here to share with you some basic information, alongside some fun facts and early assessments of all the houseguests as players.

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In this spotlight, the focus is on Winston Hines who we personally consider to be a relative yawner based on his bio alone — maybe he’ll impress in the interviews or some other stuff later in the day, but he comes across as the sort of generic, good-looking guy who will probably showmance someone and annoy fans on social media. Hopefully, he does more than showmance Raven and like cereal most of the year. He’s a 28-year old medical sales rep from Bowling Green, Kentucky — hopefully, he was able to supply his drugs to victims of the Bowling Green massacre.

Houseguest comparison – Maybe he’s Shane from season 14. Or, maybe he’s Matt from last season. Or, maybe he’s Clay from season 17. Maybe it doesn’t really matter since he may not be remembered at all a week or two after the season kicks off.

Have they seen the show before? – He references a lot of season 18 in the bio, so he’s either A) someone who just got into Big Brother and will now act like a big fan or B) he’s a person who was cast somewhere and watched it in sequester.

Fun facts – There’s not a ton about Shane other than that he claims he’s been compared to Justin Timberlake and Ryan Reynolds. We tend to have a policy about people who claim they’ve been mistaken for really good-looking people: INSTANT GROAN. He also apparently held a high-school record for 40-yard dash for a decade, which makes him both an immense competition threat and also someone who probably spends way too much time bragging about high school achievements.

Perhaps the most important thing about Winston that makes him somewhat interesting is that he loves his dog — like, he really loves his dog. Like on a Ben Zorn – Bachelor in Paradise level. He claims he leaves him love notes before work.

Early assessment – Winston (which is actually the name of our friend’s dog) is probably that guy you’re going to forget is still in the house at final seven, and then you look around and say “wait, this guy could actually win the game” with dread in your voice. This is the danger about making super-hot takes about people without even seeing them in video form yet, but if we’re wrong, we’ll own it and laugh.

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