Lucifer season 4 still filming in Los Angeles; writers room starts soon

LuciferThe Lucifer season 4 news is still very much hot off the press, but there really is no rest for the wicked here! It won’t be long until some early work begins on the upcoming episodes; as a matter of fact, the writers room will be open before you know it.

In a post on Twitter (see below), show executive producer Ildy Modrovich confirms that the writers room will reconvene next Monday. We know that there’s a massive cliffhanger with Lucifer and Chloe that needs a good resolution and beyond that, the entire #SaveLucifer campaign probably has infused everyone with some fantastic creative energy. While season 4 is set to have fewer episodes than the ones that aired beforehand, there is still plenty of room for some extra standalone stories. There’s also a chance for the show to play around with episode lengths a little bit more and to explore all sorts of dark, interesting territory. Streaming services often can be a little bit more free with the content they produce, but we don’t anticipate any enormous changes here given that Lucifer fans already know what they like insofar as content goes.

(For anyone wondering, we will do an article at some point in the future regarding some of the things that Lucifer can do to take advantage of the Netflix platform.)

Meanwhile, Modrovich also confirmed that season 4 will continue filming in Los Angeles, much like we saw for season 3. That is mostly important in that it allows the show to continue to make use of familiar Los Angeles locales. (The series has also filmed in the past in Vancouver.) It does seem as though there are plans to do something at San Diego Comic-Con, and we’re already anticipating that no matter what exactly is done there, it’s going to be joyous and all sorts of delightful. There are few things as much fun as panels that are done in the aftermath of a show being saved from cancellation. Everyone is so happy and it is such a nice communion of fans and talent.

As for when Lucifer season 4 will premiere, there’s still no word on that — personally, we don’t expect to see it until early 2019, but in theory, anything is possible.

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