Should MacGyver season 3 introduce new Mac love interest?

Lucas TillMrs. Carter: Should MacGyver season 3 look towards giving its title character a little bit of love in his life?

Let’s start things off by saying this — I don’t necessarily think that Mac is the sort of character who needs a love interest. He’s not a loner in that he works with a team, but he’s not the sort of person who really prioritizes being in love over all else. He’s married to his job in many ways, and any person who is going to be a partner with him has to be aware that he is constantly going to put his life on the line for the sake of the Phoenix Foundation. As lighthearted a show as MacGyver may be at times, that is not a particularly easy thing to settle in your brain. It’s essentially facing the reality that your significant other could die at any given moment and you have to prepare to be perpetually be on edge. You may trust in his abilities, but these characters don’t live in a world where the show is entitled MacGyver and they know that the hero is going to come home.

The last substantial romance for Mac was back in season 1 with Nikki and I imagine that the distrust and the drama that was there in the relationship makes Mac a little hesitant to be in a relationship with anyone else. That’s the sort of thing that sticks with you, and while Nikki did try to redeem herself in some ways, the presence of Tracy Spiridakos over on Chicago PD largely nullifies the chances that you end up seeing more of her over on the CBS show. The only other time it felt like a Mac romance could be coming was the one episode with Zoe, who was trapped on the research ship. Unfortunately, she sacrificed herself for the sake of everyone else.

If there is a new Mac love interest coming in season 3, who should it be? That is a reasonable question to wonder about at the moment, largely because there are not all that many candidates within the core group of the show. There are some Mac/Riley ‘shippers out there but also some Bozer/Riley supporters. Also, Riley’s been connected as of late to Billy Colton. There may have been a chance Mac and Samantha Cage could’ve been something, but it doesn’t appear as though she’s coming back.

In the end, there are largely two options with Mac — either keep him single or work overtime in order to find him a new love interest down the road. We’ve already come to learn that romance is not something that this character necessarily needs, but it could be fun to explore that with him a little bit further if the right person comes along.

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