MacGyver season 3 character spotlight: What could be coming up for Mac?

Lucas TillOver the course of the next several Fridays, we are going to do our part here at CarterMatt to present a number of different character spotlights pertaining to MacGyver. We certainly love this show, but the reality is that we’re going to be waiting for a rather long time to see episodes. Why not highlight a few characters along the way?

For this particular spotlight, the focus needs to go on none other than Angus MacGyver himself. He is the focal point of this series, and there are a lot of different dimensions that we have seen to him over time. For example, we know that he will do everything within his power to help others, but to go along with that he also has determination, resourcefulness, optimism, but can also be stubborn here and there when he feels like it. He’s a good guy who still has his fair share of relatable struggles.

In kicking off what we want to see from him in season 3, it makes sense to say that more of him alongside Oversight is certainly welcome — this was a big reunion in the season 2 finale and there’s still room for so much more story when it comes to the relationship that these two men could have. Beyond just that, we also have so many questions in terms of how Oversight could be pulling all the strings for his son for so long.

Beyond just this, it would actually be nice to see more of a romantic subplot for Mac again. It’s not something that we felt a big need for in season 2 after everything with Nikki in season 1, but it feels like the right time to explore that again. Maybe you find a way to introduce a new love interest for the character — we know that there are a number of people out there who are ‘shipping him and Riley, so that could always be an option if she ever becomes single. (Personally, we’re more on the Bozer/Riley camp … even if they are both still together.)

Finally, the biggest thing that we really want for MacGyver are some more great face-offs with great villains, whether it be Murdoc or otherwise. One of the things that the most-recent season could have used more of is opportunities to see this guy go toe-to-toe with some other characters. That drama and intensity is, in part, what makes MacGyver as a hero so great. for every great hero, you need to have an equally great adversary for them to face off against.

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