Big Brother 20: Three casting types to take a break from

Big brother 20
Can you believe the Big Brother 20 cast reveal is almost here? It’s not going to be too long until we’re really going to get some conversation going on this season, but for the sake of today’s article the focus is on something rather simple: What we do not want to see.

Really from Big Brother All-Stars on, there have been a number of easily-identifiable casting types that we’ve seen every season, from the nerdy superfan to the alternative person with tattoos to the beefcake to the older person/parent. Some of these casting types work every year, since there are enough variety within them to work. Others, however, grow tiresome, just because even though there are exceptions to every rule, sometimes finding those exceptions isn’t worth the risk of more of the same.

Below, take a look at three casting types we could use a pretty substantial break from moving into season 20.

The Texan – We say this as someone who grew up in Texas, but it feels like we’ve seen the Big Brother interpretation of the Lone Star State already. Typically this person is super-athletic, has ties to Texas A&M, and played some sort of sport. If they are woman, they’ll describe themselves as the “Southern belle.” If they’re a guy, they’ll probably talk about being a wholesome, small-town boy. They don’t often have the super-thick accent you get from other players, but they usually don’t end up winning the show or being altogether compelling. When they are, sometimes it’s for the wrong reason. (We almost want to put Matt from last season as an honorary member of this category.)

The model / cheerleader / pageant contestant – There’s typically at least one of them every season, and often the goal here is the same: Imstagram ad money after the show. Often they will go far, but rarely impact on the game beyond a showmance level. There are exceptions to the rule, however — if the person within this casting type actually knows the game, they can be interesting television since they’re a little more disarming.

The surfer / bartender – We’re categorizing them into the same category because they’re often found in the same part of Venice and/or Santa Monica — energetic, sociable people whose attitude often either irks or frustrates other people since they’re so out of touch with the rest of the game. Occasionally, they pick things up as the game goes along but typically, they go home pretty early and never find their footing within the game. Look at the most-recent Jace or David Girton. Hayden Voss at least did slightly better. We’re mostly talking about men here; there’s been a little more variety in the female bartenders we’ve seen over time.

Are we trying to exclude recruits?

Not at all — just the familiar kind of recruits. For example, how about a lumberjack whose buddy signed him up for the show, or someone who works as a circus performer or backup dancer? Find people with interesting life experiences or careers. If you’re looking for college students, maybe look at some new regions like Alaska or Hawaii.

New recruits are the lifeblood of Big Brother seasons since they add to the social dynamics of the house. We just think there should be more diversity, both in terms of culture and lifestyle, within these sort of players.

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