Gotham season 5: How can series resolve Nygma cliffhanger?

Gotham season 6As we move into Gotham season 5, how can the show figure out how to resolve some of the remaining cliffhangers?

At the moment, we do think that the Fox series is a rather interesting spot, at least in that the seeds are so clearly sewn for Bruce Wayne to become Batman, for Jim to move up the risks of the GCPD, and for Jeremiah to still find a way to cause some havoc. Many of the show’s villains are still out there and capable of causing big trouble.

Yet, the largest mystery we would say at present is the one revolving Nygma and Lee Thompkins, given that their futures are both completely at the mercy of one Hugo Stranger. What in the world is he going to do with the two of them?

When it comes to the Riddler, one of the theories that we wonder about is if the double-stabbing effectively kills off anything that was good in Ed and he becomes the Riddler full-time moving forward. Because he’s such an identifiable comic-book character, it’s hard to do something different with him. Gotham has done a pretty good job here and there of interpreting certain elements of character backstories, but ultimately the point is to eventually allow them to fulfill their destinies as opposed to dramatically altering them.

As for Lee Thompkins, however, we think she’s not as well-known and with that, there’s room for Strange to work some sort of magic with her. Will her new form, if she has a new form at all, be one of a villain? Is she going to be remixed into another Batman character? We do think that it’s possible that the show could do this, much like they did with Butch and Grundy, to introduce a comic-book character without having to utilize the legwork needed to set them up otherwise. Morena Baccarin is certainly talented enough to take on a departure to her typical role so we’re intrigued by this idea.

Ultimately, we’re pretty certain Ed is coming back and with a vengeance — especially since the Riddler is a main villain in one of the comic stories that is inspiring the story of season 5.

What do you think is going to be coming on Gotham season 5 for a wide array of different characters? Be sure to share right away in the comments!

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