Why Chicago PD season 6 should be the season for an Atwater love interest

Chicago PD season 5 episode 4Mrs. Carter: Is it absolutely time to get an Atwater love interest in Chicago PD season 6?

Based on where we are in the show’s story, the simple answer to this seems to be an unequivocal yes. Kevin is a guy who has been a part of the NBC series since the beginning, and while we’ve gotten a chance to learn a good bit about him, it definitely does feel as though there is room for so much more.

Who wouldn’t want to see Atwater in a relationship and what that looks like? I’ve been pulling for this for quite some time and there are a number of different possibilities for him out there!

For starters, the easy solution to the Atwater – romance problem is to just bring in someone to be a partner for him so that he can start to build a future outside of Intelligence. While Chicago PD may not be a romance — it’s something that especially was not emphasized through much of season 5 — we do still think that there is plenty of room to explore some romantic stories. A new character can be an influx of new energy and beyond that, a chance to see some different dynamics with other people in the cast. This could be a full-time cast member (after all, there is unfortunately an opening with Olinsky dead) or someone who comes in as recurring.

Now, there’s another possibility: Upwater. We’ll collectively admit at CarterMatt to being some of the biggest Upton / Atwater ‘shippers out there and there’s a good chance we will die on this hill … but so be it. This relationship is just a chance for the franchise to do something different and give both LaRoyce Hawkins and Tracy Spiridakos some new and exciting material. Of course, there’s the storyline that comes with being a dating couple working within the same department, but you can also touch on the subject of being an interracial couple in Chicago in 2018 and what that means. Chicago PD has a chance to touch on social commentary and issues that impact so many. It’s totally understandable that there are many Halstead / Upton ‘shippers out there, as well, but Upwater is where we’ve planted our flag.

No matter what producers decide with Atwater, I just hope that there’s something big coming for him when season 6 premieres this fall.

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