Could Blue Bloods season 9 feature another premiere shocker?

Blue Bloods season 9

Moving into Blue Bloods season 9, there are certainly a wide array of different questions worth asking. One of the biggest ones has to be about the contents of the premiere.

Last fall, the season 8 premiere completely changed the fabric of the show, and delivered in the process one of the most stunning beginnings to a season we’ve ever seen. It’s hard to believe that the series kept Amy Carlson’s exit a secret for the entire summer, but they were able to pull it off. Nobody really started to suspect anything until noticing that there was something different about the closing credits. (If we were them, we would’ve found a way to use the season 8 credits in that episode to keep things a mystery for a little while longer.)

So is it possible that the series could do something equally shocking this fall? We hope not, mostly because that would mean that we’re losing another person in this cast and we certainly don’t want that. Yet, what happened with Carlson showed that the series is capable of it, and we don’t necessarily think that Blue Bloods had a huge problem with the way in which they shocked everyone. Personally, we would’ve found a way to bring in Carlson via flashbacks in this episode as a way of saying goodbye, but that’s just us.

One of the reasons why there is a possibility of something crazy happening is that Blue Bloods has the ability to do these big time jumps at the start of the premiere to keep the show in line with what is happening in the world, and anything can happen within the span of a few months. While we’re not predicting a big cast departure by any means, we do think that there’s a chance for something big to happen in terms of either Erin’s personal life or Jamie and Eddie’s relationship in that time. Maybe those two get married, or maybe Eddie passes the Sergeant’s exam and there is a slightly different dynamic between the two of them professionally. We’re sure that something will be different, but probably not on the level that we had at the start of season 8.

What do you want to see in terms of the Blue Bloods season 9 premiere, and do you think there’s a chance we could see a surprise on the level of what we had with Linda? Share below!

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