Sneaky Pete season 3 premiere review: Did Julia tell the family about Marius?

Sneaky PeteAfter being left with that crazy cliffhanger, we have been desperately waiting for the Sneaky Pete season 3 premiere! Julia has figured Marius out after talking to Bagwell and knows that he is not who he says he is and with Marius heading back to the farm we have been dying to see how this is all going to unfold. Season 3 seems like a good time for this secret to come out and while we can see the family being incredibly angry at him at the same time, Marius has come to their aid time and time again when he didn’t have to. No one in this family is squeaky clean and Marius fits in with them like a glove.

Season 3 didn’t waste any time hiding the lead on this story and shortly after Marius arrived at the farm Julia pulled up behind him. The confrontation was everything you thought it would be: Julia angry and solid in what she knows to be true and Marius at first trying to weasel out of it. When Julia says she’s going into the house to tell the family Marius plays the only card he has left – he knows Julia didn’t tell Bagwell about him and that’s because of all the shady stuff she and her family have done. Blackmail – works like a charm and Julia knows she’s stuck with this secret. Even though she’s stuck with Maruis’ dirty secret she’s not going to roll over and just let him continue to con her family and she tells him to get in the car, drive to the train station and never come back… and he does as he’s told.

After seeing the family back together and still as dysfunctional as ever we thought Julia may have gotten her wish, but when 8 cop cars pull up to the farm, arrest Julia for racketeering/obstruction (for trying to help Valerie escape to Canada last season) and start ripping the farmhouse apart (finding a giant bag of money) we know that the only person that can maybe help them get out of this mess is Marius. Luckily Otto wasn’t ready to let him get on that train and leave town so easily and when they meet up he gets the call about Julia and they both head to the court house.

So did Maruis give up Julia? Nope, turns out Valerie did when she got caught trying to escape to Canada and there’s not much she’s able to do about it at this point. Not even her family can bond her out since their license has been suspended because Julia was their employee. Their only choice is to go to Sean and as expected it didn’t go well. Instead Marius comes up with an elaborate scheme to get the bond out of Sean without him knowing and while Julia is glad to be out of jail she’s less then thrilled to find out that Marius is the reason why and that he’s still in town.

So did Marius stay with the family? Nope, as soon as Julia was sprung he got on the train and headed to New York to meet up with Marjorie. While his heart is still with the family (we can really see him struggling with leaving them), he knows it’s time to move into something new. He’s had an offer from someone named Lizzie, but he turned the con down and instead is hoping to cook up something with Marjorie. After the casino scam went super sideways last season, Marjorie tells Marius that he’s been put on everyone’s no fly list.

Is he going to hook back up with this Lizzie person? She’s being persistent, but there’s clearly some history there between them that Marius is apprehensive about (she’s the one that has his heart and has broken it numerous times) and doesn’t want to open that door again… except we all know he’s going to open that door again – and he does.

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CarterMatt Verdict

We are beyond excited to see what the new con is going to be all about and while we love the idea of Julia and Marius eventually getting together, we have long been wondering what kind of woman would be the one that held Marius’ heart first and it’s a beautiful, charismatic con woman. They have set up 3 season beautifully for Marius giving him a new con, a past love interest and juicy conflict with the Bernhardt’s. We were worried that with Marius in New York working on this new con that the Berhardt family would be put on the back burner, but they have set up a solid story for them too, not just with Julia’s arrest but with all the fractures it has caused in the family – especially with Audrey who has straight up fired Julia from the family business.

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