Cloak & Dagger episode 3 review: Only in (voodoo) dreams

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What do you go to when everything starts to fall apart? Well, Cloak & Dagger episode 3 showed that when it comes to Tyrone and Tandy, they’re willing to go to extremes in order to properly understand themselves better.

When it comes to Tandy, what we saw from her is that when the going gets tough, she does everything in her power to run away from it. That included her fleeing even from Tyrone after he stopped to help her, and also from her mother’s place after the police showed up to speak to her as a possible victim.

However, what she learned yet again in this episode is that no matter how much she may choose to deny it, there is an unmistakable connection that is there between herself and Tyrone, one that was brought together this time around via Tyrone’s voodoo treatments to understand the darkness that was within him. What he saw as a result were a series of voodoo-dreams that were certainly frightening, violent, and also controversial. We see there being a lot of discussion out there about the image of him shooting a police offer — even if it was in his head.

Eventually, Tandy’s presence was felt in a big way in these dreams, and for Tandy herself she started to finally realize that she couldn’t avoid what was going on with the two of them anymore. As a matter of fact, in the aftermath of the dream sequence Tandy didn’t even want to avoid Detective O’Reilly anymore. She sat with her and answered some of her questions and while we don’t think she got too much closure from it, this is exhibit A to her not trying to run away from New Orleans anymore. Exhibit B came in the form of her and Tyrone coming face to face at the end of the episode, realizing that they need to have a conversation — one that could shape the entire future of the series.

CarterMatt Verdict

One of the best things about Cloak & Dagger episode 3 is watching the characters do their best to try and grapple with things that they cannot understand. It was relatable in how they chose to dealt with it — it’s something that goes beyond basic human understanding and with that in mind, it shouldn’t be all that shocking that they try to turn to supernatural things in order to better comprehend what they are going through.

Visually and emotionally, this was another worthy follow-up that gets us all the more excited about whatever could be coming up for Cloak & Dagger as a series from here. There are many awesome things we could still have a chance to experience!

What did you think about Cloak & Dagger episode 3 as a whole, and where do you think that the series should go from here? Share right away in the attached comments below!

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