The Blacklist season 6: Is a Reddington love interest possible?

The Blacklist logo any seasonWhen thinking about this question, it may not be necessarily the first thing that comes to mind as a priority for the upcoming season. After all, one of the important things that The Blacklist needs to address is the other side of the big cliffhanger. We are assuming that there will be some sort of reveal or continuation to what Liz learned about James Spader’s character within the first few episodes of the season; with that in mind, there is not too much of a need to speculate  too much about it just yet. We now know that Reddington is a fake, and some more information will probably come out about that over time.

When it comes to the idea of a Reddington love interest, however, that’s something that we may not see much of at all. If you think back to the start of the series, it is not something we have seen much of in real time. In the past, we learned a good bit about his relationship with Katarina Rostova and also Naomi Hyland, but that is pretty much buried. To go along with that, it is fairly clear that romance is not necessarily something that is on this character’s mind. This is one of the reasons that the idea of a romance for him now is somewhat appealing.

Is there anyone out there who is capable of breaking down some of his walls? It’s an intriguing possibility just because it could be one of the few ways in which we could learn something more about him. We have certainly understood over the years that Reddington’s secrets are fairly impenetrable when it comes to some of the characters who are around him. Having a new love interest could intern change his relationship with Liz, and with even some other people around if she causes him to rethink some of his behavior. From an acting standpoint, it obviously gives Spader some new material that is different than anything else that he has done on the show to date.

As for why The Blacklist probably will not go in this direction, it mostly just has to do with the fact that Reddington is what he is. He is a character steeped largely in mystery and grand stories and involving himself in a romance makes him vulnerable in a way he may not want. It would eliminate a good bit of the mystery around the man, and it feels with that in mind that this might better suited for a storyline at the very end of the show, if ever. It’s always been difficult for me to buy into the idea of a man like Reddington, international man of mystery and oozing charm, not having women lined up at his door and around the block.

Do you want to see a Reddington romance at some point on The Blacklist? Let us know all of your ideas and the attached comments.

(Photo: NBC.)

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