America’s Got Talent: Courtney Hadwin’s audition posting viral numbers

Courtney HadwinLast night on America’s Got Talent, we saw what was arguably one of the biggest auditions ever in terms of immediate reaction. Courtney Hadwin, a shy teenager, came out on stage and performed a rousing, energetic number that drew comparisons almost immediately from Howie Mandel to Janis Joplin. She had an energy and a voice like no other that we’ve really seen on the show, and we’ve seen this show for a long time. She received the golden buzzer, but in the aftermath of the episode it felt pretty clear that she was going to eventually receive so much more than that. As a matter of fact, right now it feels almost like she’s the current favorite to win the whole competition. That could change a little bit down the road, as we still have many auditions to see, but for right now it’s hard to deny her presence at the top of the metaphorical leaderboard.

It’s also pretty hard to deny just how popular this audition is just over 12 hours from it initially airing. As of this writing Courtney’s audition has generated almost 1.5 million views on YouTube and over 17 million views on Facebook. That’s one of the most impressive performances of the season in this short period of time, and we wouldn’t be surprised at all if at this point next week, she has received more than a hundred million views across these multiple platforms.

So where do things go from here when it comes to Courtney? Her big challenge moving forward has to be recognition, first and foremost, that a lot of viewers may have forgotten about her by the time the live shows come on the air later this summer. She needs to do something else that showcases her unique voice and style, but at the same time, she can’t just go out and do something very similar. She needs to show as much range as humanly possible, while still appealing to the base that loved her the first time around. This is easier said than done and hard to lump on someone who is still very young. That’s why the most important thing she can just do is have a good time, pick music that she likes, and hopefully viewers will go along for the ride. Typically, people have a wide range of musical taste and her doing all of this will satisfy most of our concerns.

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