America’s Got Talent review: Audition show #3 highlights

America's Got Talent

The third audition episode of America’s Got Talent had the potential once more of bringing a lot of talent — the start of it, after all, teased acrobatics, dancers, and Howie Mandel pushing his Golden Buzzer. Also, we had a dancing eagle with an America flag cape that actually turned out to be Tyra Banks in disguise.

Let’s go ahead and get to the acts tonight — we’ll have more updates as the show goes along! Be sure to refresh for more.

Sophie Fatu – Sophie’s real talent is being super-earnest and funny with the judges. Her singing, however, is mostly just in line with any talent show you’ll see across the country. Great for an audition show, but probably not anything else and it pains us to say that because we genuinely like her.

Sixto Magic – We’ve seen quick-change acts before, but this may very well be the quickest of all the quick-change acts that we’ve seen. Not only did they find a way to do a number of interesting changes, but there was just a great sense of fun and energy about it. Incorporating Tyra Banks at the end was a nice touch.

Noah Guthrie – First things first, we acknowledge the show acknowledged his pre-show fame while also still allowing him to have an emotional, interesting story. He’s got a good chance to go far in this competition. Check out our video below for more.

Caterpillar – The only reason we’re including this dude a.k.a. Sethward in here is that this is by far one of the most irritating things we’ve ever seen. The voice is TOO much. We’re shocked they made us sit through this as long as we did.

Future Kingz Dance Crew – They are a fairly well-known crew and they are extremely skilled. It’s fun to have them together on this show! They’re so high-energy and they’ve got a good story to go along with it. Also, that kid wanting Dunkin’ Donuts after the fact is probably the best product placement ever.

Front Pictures – This was one of the best uses of projection we’ve seen in order to tell a story. It really felt almost like we were watching someone go through a video-game … and also maybe Tron. The only thing we’d say is that maybe it went a tad long in the tunnel part — with more variety and tone, this could be a winning act.

Miss Trysh – Not a bad singer, but admittedly the moment we realize that it’s yet another “someone loves Simon Cowell” we immediately lose interest. It’s too hard to take them seriously after that!

Lord Nil – He’s a very good escape artist, and this was a very challenging escape. Do we think that he really needed the scorpions to make this effective, but it was scary and impressive nonetheless. He’s got a chance to stick around for a while this season.

Hans – This was absolutely insane. It was funny, it was dramatic, there was dancing, and there was also accordion playing. It was so camp and we hope that the act makes it to the live shows. We’ll take this over any normal singing act any day of the week.

Samuel J. Comroe – He’s a comedian who has Tourette syndrome and much like Drew Lynch before him, he has found a way to turn that into fuel for his act. He’s legitimately funny, and it’s because of his writing and delivery style. He’s very talented, charismatic, and knows how to command a room.

Courtney Hadwin – Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer act! Read more about her here.

What do you think about tonight’s America’s Got Talent, and who was your favorite act? Be sure to share in the comments!

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