Animal Kingdom season 3 episode 3 review: J’s attempted reunion

Animal Kingdom season 3 episode 3Animal Kingdom season 3 episode 3 continued a trend that we’ve seen as of late with this: This is a season of growth and of transition.

Moving into Tuesday night, we knew that there would need to be some changes in order to keep the Cody boys together. With Baz gone everyone is a little bit flimsy, but J recognizes the need to keep everyone afloat. That’s why he is trying to come up with the idea of a job. No matter how hesitant anyone may be over the idea right now, one thing remains the same here: These guys almost no very little other way.

What’s going to be so interesting about this in the long-term is the no real direction and a flimsy strategy at best with Baz gone and with Smurf still locked up. How do you compensate for two of the reasons why past jobs were so successful? That’s not going to be an easy thing for anyone to do when the dust settles. Nonetheless, we do love the scenes of everyone getting together and the wheels starting to turn — as much conflict as there may be.

Yet, of course this wasn’t the only problem within this episode thanks to A) this being Animal Kingdom and B) many of these characters are incapable of keeping themselves out of hot water for too long. Just look at Nicky, whose simple attempt to impress ended up causing chaos. There were many different close calls in this episode just because you have characters taking risks. Take Smurf, for example, who is currently in the midst of trying to infiltrate the prison hierarchy and assemble a little more power. Judging by her sabotage and her smirk at the end of the episode, she’s starting to figure things out. This is why we were never too worried about her being behind bars, mostly because she’s got that sort of skill set that, crazy as it may be, should translate rather well.

Also, tonight we learned Baz’s murderer far earlier than we expected: Mia!

CarterMatt Verdict

While the premiere episode was the most devastating and contained some of the most powerful energy, we actually think that this was the best Animal Kingdom episode of the season both in terms of solid character moments across the board and the potential for chaos. It’s high praise to say this mostly because the majority of the hour was spent building up for things that are probably going to pay off more down the road. This season is moving along at a good pace and we’ve got a pretty good feeling there are many more crazy things still to come.

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