When does This Is Us season 3 start filming?

This Is Us season 3 start filmingWhen does This Is Us season 3 start filming? While we’ve heard many different stories and quotes about the NBC series and some of the emotional stories ahead, within this article we want to get down to the finer details — including when production is officially starting up.

For the time being, here’s the formal answer we can give you: Mid-July. That is when many shows are coming back for new episodes, and that is also what series star Mandy Moore had to say on the subject recently in a new interview with TVLine. Starting production at this time makes perfect sense just from the vantage point of making sure that there’s plenty of time through the rest of 2018 to film new episodes. That also means that come 2019, there will be some time once more for the cast to do some other projects if they want. One of the best things about this series from a cast point of view may just be that there is some time in which to work on some other things during the hiatus — even more so than other shows. That is what having a smaller episode order will get you.

As for what challenges the cast will be faced with moving into the new season, we anticipate quite a few. For starters, we are anticipating right now exploring much more of Jack’s military history in Vietnam — which is tied to Kevin’s decision to head overseas in the present. Meanwhile, it is possible that the show will address some more of the flash-forwards in a way that is different than what they’ve done to date. That is one of the latest known cards that the producers have barely played, other than of course some teases in a couple of episodes.

This Is Us season 3 is likely going to premiere on NBC when we get around to September. Once there is more news to report on, we will have them for you here.

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