Elementary season 6 episode 7 review: The quest to stop Michael

Elementary season 6 episode 7Elementary season 6 episode 7 aired on CBS Monday night and in the early going, it was clear that there was a serial killer that Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson were going to have to track down. To make matters all the more complicated, this said killer could be Michael. Sherlock’s “friend” has been getting closer to her and to go along with that, he needs to start figuring out precisely who he is and why he’s doing what he is.

There are certainly plenty of signs that suggested that Michael were a killer, but when we come to the halfway point of the story, it really didn’t matter. Basically, Michael at that point admitted to him precisely what it is that he does. He is a recovering addict, but he is using murder as a substitute for a drug. In his eyes, getting away with murder is an “incredible feeling.” He has upped the stakes as a means to give himself a sense of excitement and for him to stay clean. In Michael’s mind, he needs to keep killing to keep himself on the straight and narrow, and in turn, he thinks that Sherlock needs the investigation in order to keep himself stable.

In Michael’s words, the two “need each other.” It’s pretty messed up, and at this point it is extremely clear why he is so stressed out and on the break of death. He knows that Michael is guilty and yet, he doesn’t have any proof. Michael has killed and hidden all evidence perfectly. Sherlock spend most of the latter part of this episode scanning for clues in hopes that he had enough to pin him. He thought he had a clue in a phone call … but did he? Ultimately, not so much. Michael proved yet again that he is exceptional at hiding evidence and because of Sherlock’s hospitalization at the time of Michael’s confession, there was no way for that to lead to an arrest.

In the end, Sherlock resorted to a rather-desperate plan this time in order to ensure that he could stop Michael once and for all — tripping him up with his addiction. Using heroin against him seemed liked the perfect plan. Unfortunately, at that point he had already skipped town.

In the closing minutes, Michael called Sherlock from his bus, where he was on his way our of town. We’re left now to wonder precisely where the story is going to go from here. Michael is still out there, and we have to imagine he will be back.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, Elementary season 6 episode 7 was as intense and powerful an episode as you could have expected. This was the best one for the whole season, as it did a great job setting up a Big Bad who can challenge Holmes in a way nobody else can.

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