Claws season 2 episode 1 review: The worst kind of wedding bells

Claws season 2 episode 1

There were many things that we anticipated seeing on Claws season 2 episode 1 on TNT Sunday night; however, seeing Roller forced into an arranged marriage was certainly not one of them.

This episode was funny, bizarre, and of course a little bit disturbing, which is precisely what you would want from an episode of this show. It threw a lot of different things at the wall and luckily, most of them stuck … while also putting Desna in big trouble.

Just when it started to seem as though Niecy Nash’s character was going to be in a position where she had a little more control on her life, we then saw the arrival of Riva’s sister Zitya (Franka Potente), who made it pretty clear from the moment that she turned up that she was going to shake things up in whatever way that she saw fit to do. That meant in this case setting up the arranged marriage with Roller as a way to bond the different communities together. Basically, she’s not the sort to let Desna know that she really has any control at all. She loves the chaos, and had no problem putting some of the nail-salon crew in their place.

To make matters worse for Desna, she’s still blissfully unaware of how bad things are with Ruval. Meanwhile, we can easily see things with Polly and some other characters starting to turn south the moment that some twist comes into play. Power within the world of Claws doesn’t exactly last all that long. We learned that very much when it comes to what happened to Uncle Daddy back in season 1.

Also tonight, the relationship between Dean and Virginia seemed to be taking some turns … enough that leave us to wonder as to whether or not these two could be parents coming up at some point in the future. This is a game-changing reveal that will change things for not only these two, but also understandably Desna.

CarterMatt Verdict

The struggle for Claws as a series mostly exists due to how crazy and intense the first season of the show was. They have to find a way to match everything that the producers brought to the table then. We don’t necessarily think that the premiere had the dramatic twist that the series premiere did last year, but Zitya did have a worthy introduction and we know already just how important, and influential, she is going to be over the course of the rest of the season.

If you loved Claws season 1, for now we do think you have to be heavily encouraged by what the premiere brought to the table.

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