The Last Ship season 5 premiere date announcement: Why the wait?

The Last Ship season 5 premiere dateAt the moment, the struggle is definitely real waiting for more news on The Last Ship season 5 premiere date. We’re in the midst of the summer, and at one point this was the time in which seasons would start to premiere on TNT. That started to change last year, when the series was moved until a little bit later in the summer, but at the same time we did still consider it to be a “summer show” by most accounts.

Now, it’s June and we still don’t have a start date for a final batch of episodes that we know have been wrapped for a rather long time now. Seasons 4 and 5 were largely filmed back to back and with that in mind, it’s not exactly like there’s some delay to get the show together.

With this long wait in mind, one thing we were curious about was seeing when TNT announced the premiere date for season 4 back in 2017. We went back and looked it up and it was in late May. With that in mind, they are really making you wait a long time for it now!

Do we think that an announcement is coming? Certainly, especially since it continues to make sense to premiere the show in the same timeslot as Claws once that show is over. we just don’t think that there is any real urgency to announce just yet since Claws has not even premiered just yet. The one thing that we do hope above all else, though, is that The Last Ship does still get a worthy send-off and a little bit of promotion. We know that this is the final season and to that end, ratings don’t matter as much as they did in the past. We still think that the show is a winner and it deserves the chance to go out feeling like one.

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