When did Better Call Saul season 4 finish filming?

Better Call Saul season 4

We finally know the Better Call Saul season 4 premiere date, and to go along with that, we also have some other good news. The show is officially done with production for the time being!

In a new post on Twitter (see HERE), this news was confirmed by none other than actress Rhea Seehorn. Production wrapped at the end of May, and as a result of this the entire cast gets a chance to relax until coming back to work later … this is of course assuming that season 4 is not the final one for the series. Given that there’s no news out there indicating that that is the case, it feels fair to guess there will be more episodes coming in the future.

As for what the story is going to be during season 4, it will likely start off with Jimmy McGill in a devastating place. His brother Chuck has just passed away, and he will have to figure out how he moves forward and if there is a tremendous emotional impact that losing Chuck leaves behind. To call the relationship between these brothers complicated doesn’t feel like doing it justice. Jimmy already has demons, and this passing could lead to some of these demons increasing tenfold. There is one less person out there to challenge him.

If there is still a moral compass present, however, it comes in the form of Seehorn’s Kim Wexler. Jimmy does care about her opinion, and we have seen that time and time again. The problem is that we don’t necessarily think it will be enough to stop him. As a matter of fact, we know that it will not be enough to stop him. Part of the pain of watching Better Call Saul is knowing what Jimmy is capable of, and then seeing what he eventually becomes anyway. It’s even worse knowing that characters like Kim are not around for Breaking Bad, so you are left with the lingering question after what happened to her. We are still crossing my fingers that somehow, she makes it out of here alive and visits Gene in Omaha at some point down the road.

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