Outlander season 4: Sophie Skelton teases Brianna’s story ahead

Sophie SkeltonAs you may have heard by now, Outlander season 4 is poised to be the biggest season to date for Sophie Skelton and her character of Brianna. This is when we are getting an opportunity as viewers to see her head back to the past for the first time. There are of course a number of other things we could give away here right now story-wise, but we do still believe there are some readers out there who do not know the books all together well and want some element of surprise.

In general, what you need to know is that if you love Sophie and the Bree character, odds are you are going to want to check out season 4 when it premieres on Starz come November. Her screen time will be increased significantly and she will experience more highs and lows than ever before.

At the moment, Skelton is on a promotional tour for her movie 211, starring Nicolas Cage. Thanks to that, there is a new quote from the actress talking about season 4! Here is what she had to say on the subject in an really fun interview with BriefTake:

“We see Brianna go back in time to the kind of carefree ’70’s, and then we see the juxtaposition of the 1800’s, how that’s really different for Brianna. In the beginning, with losing her Mum, she sort of just became an orphan. She went from having two parents, to three, to none. And then she finds out some information about her parents and decides to go back in time to save their lives and change the course of history, and she sort of gets caught up in the American Revolution, just the corruption of the times. It’s good because then the show addresses a very relevant topic and things happen to Brianna that are in the media right now, just in terms of the modern day version of what happens to Bree. So hopefully again it will be one of those things that helps victims of abuse and seeing it through a character’s eyes again will allow people to have more empathy to go through what Brianna goes through, but also helps victims too. But it’s interesting because you do see a modern woman out of her time dealing with problems that she wouldn’t even see in her day.”

Sound compelling? There are a lot of interesting themes and ideas for Brianna to explore, but some of the joy that she gets out of reuniting with her mother and seeing her father for the first time is likely to be taken away by devastation caused elsewhere. This is a season that will put Brianna at times through hell and introduce her to a life that is very much different than anything she has encountered to date. There will be many wonderful moments but also harrowing ones. Skelton will have an opportunity to dive into the depths of this character and see just how she endures the most horrifying of experiences.

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Is there anything that you are hoping to see if or Brianna specifically in season 4, whether it is a scene from the book or just a theme that you want presented on screen?  Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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