Elementary season 6 episode 7 sneak peek: Sherlock’s scramble

ElementaryWhy is Elementary season 6 episode 7 so important? There are a number of different reasons for that, but the biggest one is just how CBS is being so coy about what’s coming on the other side of it.

Now, let us kick off our latest edition of reading the tea leaves. Typically, networks like CBS release synopses and information about multiple upcoming episodes in advance. Yet, they have not done anything in regards to the episodes of Elementary that are following this one. Why? Maybe it’s just a crazy conspiracy theory on our part, but it is very well possible that there are events that happened in this episode that are so big that it is hard to tease anything on the other side of it. The last thing that the writers and producers would want to do is give anything major away.

What the sneak peek below, coupled with the one we shared previously, shows about this episode is that we are gearing up for one of the most perplexing cases that Sherlock Holmes has encountered over the run of the series. This time around, he is looking at a potential serial killer and someone who is targeting a wide array of people for reasons that is not altogether unclear. In one particular case, this killer not only allowed the husband of a deceased woman to go away for a crime that he did not commit, but it seems as though he is taunting him about it after the fact.

Basically, this person is very much of the cruel and vile variety. They do not care who they hurt or also how they hurt them. Based on some other previews that are out there, it seems fine to put the crosshairs on Michael at the moment. Another clear clue of that just comes via this episode’s title in “Sober Companions.” In one way or another, this episode will explore the relationship between Sherlock and Michael.

Get ready for what is sure to be a pretty epic showdown, and something that may not be entirely resolved within this particular episode.

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