Gotham season 5: Who should be the final villain?

GothamAt this point, you may have heard some of the stories that are out there regarding Gotham season 5 only having ten episodes. Surely, you’ve heard that it is the final season coming up.

So who should be the final villain on Gotham? It is a very good question to ponder, mostly because there are almost unlimited options with this show. Just in the core cast alone, you have a number of intriguing possibilities that could help to set the stage for Batman’s eventual arrival.

For the sake of this potential article, we just want to look at some of the top candidates.

It just makes sense to start with Oswald Cobblepot just because in many ways he is the most notable villain from Gotham in terms of screen time and story arc. He is a crime boss who can be incredibly influential for those around him. He often knows what he wants, and he will stop at nothing in order to get it. It just makes sense to have Penguin be a big bad simply due to the fact that he is a ringleader, and that’s a quality that not every other villain on the show possesses.

Yet, you can also look at Edward Nygma as an interesting possibility at the same time. This is someone who, at least in some source material, is one of Batman’s first major villains. We have been on a journey with Nygma for a rather long time to see his rise to power, and seeing him fully established as a big bad would be a nice culmination of that journey. He is also firmly an intellectual villain, and that is very appealing for a show like this that needs to rely on cognitive challenges in addition to physical ones.

Could you try to go with Catwoman? Store, in theory, but it still feels like it’s far too early in Selina Kyle’s journey in order to put her in that position. It would also probably put too much pressure on the show’s writers to build her up to that point over such a short period of time. The best thing that you can do when it comes to Selina moving into the end of the show is just a further build her as someone who can be a friend or foe to Bruce Wayne depending on the situation.

As for other notable villains, there are certainly plenty of them. Jeremiah is always going to be a possibility so long as Cameron Monaghan is available, and the show has certainly made a big meal out of having Barbara Kean around. Tabitha Galavan is also there to a certain extent. Beyond these people, you can look towards other supporting characters or recurring villains, but would they really have the same sort of impact? If we were getting a larger final season it would be a little more acceptable to have a bunch of new villains turn up, but given the length of the final season it feels almost better to just focus on the people that we have and hope that there are satisfying endings to most of those stories.

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