Survivor: David vs. Goliath: Mike White, John Hennigan confirmed as castaways

David vs. GoliathMike White and John Hennigan are officially confirmed for Survivor: David vs. Goliathand with that CBS is giving you at least a couple of familiar faces on the Goliath tribe.

Entertainment Weekly has officially confirmed that School of Rock / Enlightened writer Mike White and pro wrestler John Hennigan (known as Johnny Mundo and many other names) are each going to be a part of the upcoming season. Given that the Goliath tribe represents people who have found a great deal of success in life, it makes sense to have a couple of public figures on there.

White’s casting is mostly notable in that this is not his only reality TV experience on CBS — he and his father Mel were previously a part of a couple of seasons of The Amazing Race. It’s almost curious in a way that we get to see such a non-physical guy like Mike on two different reality shows with a heavily physical component to them. White is not the sort of person who is going to win challenges; as a matter of fact, we have a hard time thinking that he’s going to make it far. If he can get by without people knowing who he is, maybe he can be in the vein of a David Wright, someone who is a strategist and fan of the show who gets by in part on his ability to get along with others. However, given his work and his CBS reality TV resume it seems unlikely he will do that. He’s not physical enough to be an asset and there may not be an incentive for anyone to keep him around.

As for Hennigan, he may have similar problems with recognition if there are a lot of wrestling fans on his particular tribe. At least in his case, though, he is someone who could be a physical asset in the early going. Things may be different for him come the merge, but he can make it there. (If White makes the merge, we feel like he has a better chance to go far. He just has a harder road getting to that point.)

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