Jersey Shore Family Vacation episode 11 review: Angelina’s messy exit

Jersey Shore Family Vacation filmingJersey Shore Family Vacation episode 11 certainly brought on a number of things that we didn’t see coming, whether it be a trip to Bimini or seeing some drama surrounding Mike (finally). Granted, much of this said drama revolved around him being later for dinner because he fell into a food coma from eating a few minutes earlier.

Oh, and then there’s also Angelina stirring up a whole lot of … well, let’s just say it’s a word that starts with an S. We also may mean this literally, since so much of the show tonight revolved around whether or not Angelina pooped her pants after getting drunk and partying during her last night at the house. This was BIZARRE — really bizarre. It’s almost bizarre beyond our own comprehension. What happened here? First, she claimed she committed said act of going #2; then, she tried to blame it on a feminine problem. Then, she started to insist that other people consider looking at her underwear, as though she really needed for there to be some sort of proof as to whatever happened to her.

Basically, it felt like Angelina had an incident that could cause the house to turn against her, and she was so desperate to make it either into A) something funny or B) something relatable that it just spiraled and spiraled out of control. This was all pretty ridiculous and completely disguising. We’re still not entirely sure what actually happened, but at least she seemed to leave the house relatively on good terms with everyone. She event got her luggage wrapped in trash bags on her way out the door!

In getting back to Bimini, the episode concluded with everyone getting along again (sans Angelina) before eventually coming back. When they arrived, they found some surprising guests waiting for them: Vinny’s mother and Uncle Nino! She decided to come down after he wasn’t answering her calls for a visit, one that was very much reminiscent of season 2 of Jersey Shore proper. (Let’s just hope that everyone keeps Nino out of the hot tub this time around.)

In another example that these people really have it made, for the entire time they were gone Vinny’s mother cleaned up the place before making everyone dinner. (Yea, it’s pretty clear someone tipped her off along the way that they were about to be coming home.

CarterMatt Verdict

The entire Angelina drama was incredibly entertaining (but also really disgusting) — basically, it’s precisely what you would want to see from this show over time. The one thing we certainly do think will be coming up over time is a Ronnie vs. Situation fight, especially since it feels like these two have been on the brink of something like that for a while with all of the various insults that have been fired back and forth.

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