Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger episode 2 review: Struggling and still strangers

Cloak & Dagger episode 2

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger episode 2 did an exceptional job following up on the story of the premiere, and with that giving us a good sense of how Tandy and Tyrone are handling the reveal that the two of them have powers.

What’s so interesting at the moment, though, is that these two certainly perceiving these powers as a burden so much more than a blessing. As a matter of fact, it’s causing both of them to fall apart. Feeling as though she may have killed someone at the end of the premiere, Tandy needed to start over and get a new lease on life. With that, she did what she could with the help of Liam to execute a heist-of-sorts at a wedding. Unfortunately, she realizes in the closing minutes (and after Liam’s arrest) that getting away is not anywhere near as easy as she thought. Her car’s getting wrecked, and with that getting away won’t come anywhere near as easy.

Meanwhile, for Tyrone he is starting to act out against those who wrong him and hurt his family the one way that he knows how: Vengeance. A young man who was, at the time of the premiere, fairly adjusted to normalcy is now coming to grips with a far darker, much more violent life. He’s also certainly realized the aftereffects of his new life with his old one, at least in terms of how it impacts the remainder of his basketball team. He’s starting to become a young man with very few positive directions to turn to.

When it comes to establishing the powers of Cloak & Dagger, coupled with even another meeting of the two characters, the writers are really taking their time. We haven’t really had too many opportunities to see them linked up so far, and we do think that there couple be some impatience on that subject the longer that it lasts.

Still, we actually admire the guts that doing this show has to take on a production level, namely when it comes to the writers really taking their time with this series in order to allow it to find its proper footing and understand who these people are. Without characters and without backstories, there’s no real adequate foundation for the rest of the entire series around them.

CarterMatt Verdict

Cloak & Dagger could move at a slightly faster pace, but we do still maintain that this is one of the strongest premieres for a Freeform series in recent memory. The characters are interesting and while the powers are still somewhat ambiguous, there are some interesting things that we could learn about Tyrone and Tandy in due time. Let’s just hope the series sticks around long enough to make that happen.

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