New Outlander season 4 behind-the-scenes photo contains some Caitriona Balfe – Sam Heughan fun

OutlanderWe come to you today bringing the latest Outlander season 4 behind-the-scenes photo, and this one is a great deal of fun — it gives you a good look at some of the costumes, and beyond that, it has Caitriona Balfe pulling off a signature move on her co-star Sam Heughan.

Who doesn’t love the classic bunny ears? Apparently, these go all the way back as a tradition to the 18th century! (Granted, this would also be assuming the color photography was also a thing then.) The attached photo comes courtesy today of the show’s official Twitter account, and it features Balfe and Heughan getting slightly out of character as Claire and Jamie Fraser for a little bit of fun on set. It’s a playful, amusing reminder that even in the midst of everything else going on these two do still find a way to have a little bit of fun on set. They take the work seriously, but also realize that you need to have some moments of levity along the way to better balance everything out.

Also, the background certainly does a good job of appearing like North Carolina as opposed to Scotland. The location scouts have been able to find some good places, such as parks and other forested areas, that can replicate the region as well as possible. The rest of the production team has been able to add a few of their own touches, as well, to make the setting feel all the more authentic. We like how the characters are sporting a very different look, as well — it feels suitable for the time period, but also a nice little shake-up from what you tend to see from most other colonial dramas that are out there. There’s a practicality about the clothing, but also a design made with some fashion in mind.

Outlander season 4 is slated to premiere on Starz come November. Once there is some more news to report on this particular subject, we will be sure to have it for you here.

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