The Fosters season 5 episode 21 review: Who’s at the door?

The Fosters season 5 episode 21

The Fosters season 5 episode 21 is the second part of the three-part series finale, and to go along with that it also feels like the episode where the wheels came off.

After all, how else do you consider an installment that ends with Brandon getting a mysterious knock on his door, right around the time in which Callie left her hotel room? It was clear throughout the episode that the two were revisiting some of the feelings that they had for each other, which makes some sense given their history and that sometimes, weddings can make people reflective. It is, after all, the sort of significant life event that is life-altering in a big way.

Yet, we do think the scene at the end of the episode may not be quite like we saw. Callie left her hotel room to visit someone else … but we’re not altogether sure that person is Brandon. Instead, we wouldn’t be altogether shocked if this person was actually Jamie, Eliza’s brother who spent much of his time in Turks & Caicos casually hitting on her. While he wasn’t aggressive with it, it was clear that he was still interested — and in turn, Callie started to open up more to him as time went on.

Granted, we foresee one big roadblock in the two characters getting together: Eliza’s parents, who have shown time and time again to be the worst. There’s still underlying pressure on Brandon to sign the prenuptial agreement, while Eliza doesn’t seem to care about all that much. They also remain fairly close-minded and we’re not even sure that they are going to support Lena in the event she runs for State Assembly as a Democrat. Sure, they did seemingly gift Brandon and Eliza a place in Santa Monica (that is not cheap), but there are major concerns surrounding whether or not there are strings attached.

We do think that there’s still a chance for these two, though, so we shall see precisely what is going to be coming up from here on out.

As for other developments…

Jude has spent a ton of time hanging out with Eliza’s other brother, a young man who is clearly still struggling with his sexuality and where he stands in the world. His story is rather tragic and we actually think that Jude is going to find an element of self-healing courtesy of being around him. Remember that Jude does have his own problems, including drinking and maybe flunking out of college.

Meanwhile, Mariana and Mat seem to be close to getting closer yet again, whereas Jude is moving on from Emma very quickly, mostly as a means of masking his pain. Yet, we don’t think that Emma is out of the picture completely just yet.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Fosters season 5 episode 21 was an excellent hour of TV from start to finish — it was emotional and reflective in many of the ways you would expect for characters going through a major life event. Now, we have to wonder where things are going to go from here.

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