The Fosters season 5 episode 20 review: Does Callie still have feelings for Brandon?

The Fosters season 5 episode 20

The Fosters season 5 episode 20 marks the beginning of the three-part series finale and as you would imagine, there was a lot that the writers had to cram into this story.

Overall, we would say that this episode was mostly an opportunity for us to get updates on where everyone is in their lives in the aftermath of the massive time jump. Take, for example, Jesus wanting to start up a treehouse-building company with Wyatt, only to realize that no one in between Emma and his own business partner was taking it altogether seriously. Meanwhile, at the end of the episode Callie admitted to Mariana that it was a little bit “weird” seeing Brandon get married to someone else — even if she hasn’t been in love with him romantically for quite some time, that part of her is still there. To make matters worse, Brandon’s fiancée Eliza overheard the conversation!

It’s clear going into the wedding coming up that there are some other issues awaiting Brandon and Eliza, mostly in that her family is hardly as warm and welcoming as Lena and Stef are. They are very successful, very conservative, and also very condescending. They managed to compare Stef and Lena’s foster children to stray dogs while also be incredibly passive-aggressive every step of the way. At the end of the hour, Eliza’s dad handed over to Brandon a prenuptial agreement, something that we actually do understand from a financial point of view. Yet, there had to be a warmer way to do that, right?

We don’t think that Eliza subscribes to many of her parents’ methods, but her challenge as a character is finding a way to handle some of the guilt by association. We’re going to be destined to dislike her because A) we don’t know her and B) we’ve ‘shipped Brandon with so many other people over the years.

Romantically, there are some clear other problems elsewhere, whether it be Emma applying for a job in India without telling Jesus in advance or Mariana continuing to mess around with Wyatt and Mat. Did she not get the memo that her season of The Bachelorette was canceled a rather long time ago? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news here. Jude has become sexually active with many different people in college, hence why he is taking medication for HIV prevention. He’s also in danger of flunking out of college and drinking far too much.

Finally, Lena and Stef are doing what they always have — try to find ways to make their fosters feel at home and welcoming them into the family. they’re in the midst of the adoption process yet again and the series is very much full-circle.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Was it a little too coincidental that there were a lot of huge events happening at the same time on The Fosters tonight?  Sure, but given that there are only three more episodes, the writers had to cram a lot in! They did that and in the end, we’re reasonably satisfied with what we had. This was in the end a compelling hour that really set the stage for serious drama to come.

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