Stanley Cup Final: Pat Sajak of Wheel of Fortune announces starting lineups

Stanley Cup FinalAs a whole, we would certainly argue that the Stanley Cup Final this year have been a little different. In Las Vegas, we saw everything from Imagine Dragons to all sorts of medieval entertainment leading up to the Golden Knights’ big debut. Meanwhile, in Washington … well, you had Pat Sajak.

The longtime Wheel of Fortune host was responsible on Saturday for announcing the starting lineups for the game between the Knights and the Capitals, and let’s just say that results were mixed. He mispronounced some names and while there were some cheers from the crowd, it also didn’t exactly match having famed introduction man Michael Buffer do it in Vegas. One of the problems here is that you’re bringing out a guy known for doing only one thing and expecting him to completely kill it doing something else. That doesn’t often work and it certainly didn’t here. (Yet, bonus points to the Capitals for having Wheel of Fortune themed name reveals on the Jumbotron.)

Is this relatively-dull showing worth ripping Sajak over? It depends how much you really expect from these things in the first place. We know that for us personally, our #1 priority the vast majority of the time is to just get this sort of stuff over with. It prolongs the main thing that everyone is actually watching to see: The event itself. (This did at least end earlier than some of the spectacle in Vegas, so this at least has that going for it.)

Tonight marks Game 3 of the event between the two teams — if this series ends up going until Game 7 (we know that we’re at least getting a Game 5), we’re interested in seeing what other entertainers are trotted out in order to do some of these introductions.

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