Should The Resident season 2 feature a new adversary?

The Resident season 2As we start to look towards The Resident season 2, there are many different questions worth asking. One of the biggest ones at the moment has to revolve around adversaries.

While there were many different things that helped to make The Resident feel very much different from the average medical show, its comic-book feel was especially appealing. What other hospital show do you have clearly-defined villains who are also doctors? They heal people, or at least they are supposed to, and with that in mind, it’s so fascinating to see them act either so self-serving or malicious.

Moving into season 2, it does feel like we are saying goodbye to Dr. Lane Hunter, which makes sense given that she had the FBI on her in the closing minutes of the season. Meanwhile, Dr. bell somehow has managed to secure himself some safety. He’s used Lane effectively as a shield to make sure that, at least for the time being, to make himself appear even more heroic and the right leader for the hospital. It may be infuriating, but this is precisely the sort of nonsense that Dr. Bell is especially good at.

Now, moving into the second season, do you want to bring in a new adversary of sorts for Conrad and Nic? There are many reasons to do this, most notable in that this is another way to mine some great drama out of whatever comes next. Conversely, you don’t want to bring in another “evil” character just for the sake of doing so. It has to be someone who works, and there may already be a source of enough conflict if The Raptor sticks around for season 2; he turned up late in the first season and while he’s not a bad guy per se, he’s absolutely terrible when it comes to bedside manner and treating other doctors in a nice or civil manner.

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