Saturday Night Live season 44: Three cast members in need of more screen time

Saturday Night LiveOne of the biggest criticisms that has been fired off at Saturday Night Live as of late is simply that there isn’t enough love handed down to some of the main cast members. With that in mind, we do want to hone in this question a little bit more: If certain cast members aren’t getting enough love, who should be shown off a little bit more? That’s what the focus of this particular article is all about!

After watching the entirety of this season and thinking a lot about it, there are three performers who we think could benefit from having a larger stage presence — after all, we’re already starting to see a little more of them as it is.

1. Melissa Villasenor – She’s been a fantastic impressionist on the show, but we do think she’s starting to shine doing a wide array of different characters, as well. She’s really good at delivering quick, funny one-liners and being strange, outlandish characters. We’d like to see more of that, and for the show to also find her some more topical characters to play so that we could see an impression from her on more than one occasion.

2. Alex Moffat – Alex has been a steady presence on the show playing a few straight-men characters to offset some of the crazy, but he’s certainly gotten some attention for his Eric Trump impression and his work with Mikey Day. It’d be nice to open up a venue for him to do more recurring characters in live sketches — in this case, we’d actually like to see more non-topical people for him that are interesting and memorable.

3. Heidi Gardner – We already think that Heidi is will on her way to SNL super-stardom, given that she was excellent in her first season and performed very well in everything from Weekend Update (who didn’t love her shockingly accurate teen movie reviews?) to some wacky and at-times super-dark live sketch appearances near the end of the show. Her issue is simply getting more attention at the start of episodes and with us entering her second full season as a cast member, it feels like we are well on our way to getting just that from her.

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What cast members do you want to see more of entering Saturday Night Live season 44? Be sure to share below!

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