Instinct episode 10 sneak peek: Dylan tries to relax

Instinct episode 10Instinct episode 10 is airing on CBS this weekend, and at the center of this week is Dr. Dylan Reinhart doing everything that he can in order to relax … or, at least, so he thinks. He and Andy seem to be trying their hand at one of those meals a la Blue Apron where they send you all of the ingredients and the recipe, but one thing you see in the sneak peek below is that neither one of them is altogether patient.

Beyond that, it’s also clear that Dylan is trying to balance a lot of different things all at once. He is struggling when it comes to his book deal and some issues with his father; as a matter of fact, he’s almost thrilled to take on another case with Lizzie as an escape from all of this. We’re thrilled about this from the vantage point of getting to see Dylan and Lizzie working together once more; however, at the same time we’re also very much aware that Dylan can only run from some other problems for so long.

With all of this said, we do think that the funniest part of this entire sneak peek by a mile is when Lizzie offers to pick up dinner for him, only to go over and grab a possibly-stale donut from the police lounge. This is a pretty-clear reference to some of Lizzie’s own problems, most notably her struggle to take care of anything in her life that is separate from her job. (For those of you who want some significant Lizzie backstory, rest assured that this episode is going to offer a lot of that. It could be one of the most significant episodes since the pilot in that regard.)

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