Bill Maher predictably discusses Roseanne, Samantha Bee, and more

Bill Maher

Out of all the people who were around to offer a take on the events of this past week, is Bill Maher really the person we want to go to? That’s certainly one of the biggest questions that we had entering this week’s edition of Real Time with Bill Maher.

Tonight, we had some commentary about a woman fired for a racist tweet from a man who … well, let’s just say he has his own history. Maher took some time tonight to draw a distinction between what he said about Trump’s resemblance to an orangutan and the slur that Rosanne used in the direction of Valerie Jarrett. He also then talked about some of the controversy surrounding Samantha Bee, choosing mostly to emphasize on the word “feckless” — you know, the other word that she used to describe Ivanka Trump.

Obviously, these were going to be the subjects that Maher talked about as a commentator on the news, but it also felt like this was an opportunity for him to dive in much deeper as someone who has been at the center of controversy over the things that he has said at multiple different networks. This was a strange show to watch from that vantage point, since Maher was a commentator who only occasionally dabbled into his own history in said controversy. Later on, Bernie Sanders came out and had a discussion that almost anyone would have expect from a conversation between these two — totally different.

Maher did offer up some positive words for Roseanne as a comedian while also slammer her behavior — say what you will, but Bill’s always had an opinion and zero desire to ever not share it. Perhaps the most striking comment he made in the entire episode was him saying that he didn’t have much sympathy for anyone who worked on Roseanne (provided it stays canceled), saying that these people all knew what they were getting into when they first signed on for that gig in the first place.

Maher’s show is not frequently our cup of tea, but we saw it tonight out of some interest to see how he tackled the events of the week. Did you watch? Share in the comments below, and like CarterMatt on Facebook for some additional insight regarding all things TV. (Photo: ABC.)

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