Should MacGyver season 3 have a consistent Big Bad?

MacGyverThe wait for MacGyver season 3 is, unfortunately, going to be a long one. New episodes are likely not kicking off until we get around to September, and the only good news that comes with this is that it allows for an opportunity to dive into some meaty speculation — especially when it comes to the subject of possible villains and if you are a long time reader of CarterMatt then you know how much we love talking about TV show villains!

To date, the CBS series has done a very good job when it comes to introducing and showcasing various baddies for Mac and the Phoenix Foundation team, whether it be someone nefarious like Murdoc or mysterious like The Ghost. We have also seen people like the Colton Family, who would probably be better described more as self-serving than necessarily out for the destruction of the world. There are varying degrees of being a “villain” and one of the things that this show has done a good job of is fleshing out some of these characters so that they are not just any one thing. There is depth and dimension to many of the adversaries and that’s what makes them even more dangerous.

So should there be someone new we meet early on in season 3? We do think that there is some merit in doing so, mostly as both raising the stakes for MacGyver and also for establishing a way to frame the season. If you kick things off with a new Big Bad and then build the entire season around them, you can revisit that character three or four times with higher stakes around them each time. Then, you can also tease them in some other episodes so that viewers remember that this person is bubbling underneath the surface even when they’re not on-screen. Also, establish some connections between them and Murdoc so that it’s even more clear there is this vast, secret criminal network that Mac has only scratched the surface of.

We’ve seen many times over the years, that there is some merit in building arcs and seasons around villains — shows like The Blacklist and Supergirl have done a great job at it over time. Why not have MacGyver look at something like this? We had it to a certain extent with Murdoc in season 1 (even if it took him some time to turn up) so why not do that again?

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