Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 2: Should Angelina Pivarnick return?

Is Angelina stayingTechnically, we don’t know for sure as to whether or not Angelina Pivarnick is done with Jersey Shore Family Vacation just yet. At the end of Thursday night’s new episode, the MTV show decided to make things relatively open-ended up when it comes to her leaving or staying. It seems like she’s about to be forced out the door but that hasn’t officially happened just yet.

What we wonder now as per the future of the MTV show is something a little bit different: Is it possible that we end up seeing Angelina for a season 2 in the future? We do think that there is a case to be made for it for one simple reason: There are currently four guys who are a part of the cast and, in turn, there are only three women in JWoww, Snooki, and Deena. There’s room for one more person and there isn’t really all that much evidence that Sammi is ever going to return.

While we do think the show tried to sell the Angelina appearance in the episode tonight as a sort of “prank” from Pauly D, we almost look at it more as an audition to see how viewers and the show’s cast reacts to her being a part of it again. It’s so much easier to dip back into the Angelina well than it is to bring in someone totally new to the franchise — as a matter of fact, we don’t think that the show is really going to want to do that at all. She at least has history with the show and beyond that, she is interested in being a part of the franchise. That’s clearly not something that Sammi is showing at the moment and it makes some sense for the producers to at least consider this.

Personally, we’re all for it — part of what made the original Jersey Shore so great in the past is the unpredictability of it all, and in this modern version of the series, we’ve seen less of that. There is still some room to explore new things and learning more about Angelina in 2018 could be a big part of that.

Even if she ends up leaving the show, hopefully there’ll be a window left open for a season 2 down the road.

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