Jersey Shore Family Vacation episode 10 review: Is Angelina staying?

Is Angelina stayingFor the first fifteen minutes of Jersey Shore Family Vacation episode 10, things felt like a complete and total dumpster fire. Snooki and JWoww were lashing out about Angelina’s presence in the house and, with that, Ronnie started to become the peacekeeper.

Let’s be clear on one thing: If we’re at the point in anything in which Ronnie is starting to become the peacekeeper, there is something terribly strange happening in the world.

Ultimately, though, this entire episode felt somewhat strange in that for a good while, it felt like the show was really out to redeem Angelina Pivarnick as someone who could actually be a part of the show long-term. After all, they only have three female cast members and without Sammi, they are in need of a fourth. There’s not enough drama without someone like Angelina, so we understand the need to have someone like her on the show. For the most part, she was fun tonight — she didn’t scream at anyone, she apologized for talking about Snooki in the tabloids, and she ended up partying and getting wasted with them. The person who remained the most skeptical was JWoww, who seemed angry about her very existence, let alone anything that she said or did in the house.

Ultimately, the explanation the cast gave for wanting to boot Angelina was … they want to get to know her in person outside the house? It’s almost as though they didn’t know how to get rid of her so they just made up a reason to do it. We’ll see whether or not some of these people actually are going to talk to her after the fact; if they don’t, suddenly the onus is on them rather than on Angelina. They’re claiming that after this experience, they are going to do their best to be friends with her outside the house.

Ultimately, Pauly invited Angelina as a prank but in the end, the prank blew up. This wasn’t anywhere near as crazy as one would have expected based on some of the hype. Technically, we didn’t see Angelina leave tonight … but we’re assuming that she is based on the story we saw.

On a different note, tonight we also learning about vitamin-ing as though this is something that normal people do after a massive hangover. It feels like Jersey Shore is starting to become Lifestyles of the Rich and the Crazy. Speaking of money, tonight also brought you the arrival of Jenni’s jeweler from Beverly Hills in order to help Mike find the perfect engagement ring.

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This was an entertaining Jersey Shore Family Show vacation that brought us back to the early days of the show — otherwise known as our favorite part of the show. The first two seasons with Angelina were crazy and fun and personally, we’d be happy to see her again.

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