Game of Thrones season 8: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s great take on show secrecy

Game of ThronesGame of Thrones season 8 is premiering on HBO early next year and as many people out there inevitably know at this point, there is a heavy veil of secrecy around the series. How much so? We’ve heard stories about possible alternate endings, very limited scripts, and other measures that are being used to ensure that nobody has access to material that they should not see. It’s not so much about mistrust of actors as it is cognizance in 2018 that people with excess money to burn will find a way to hack into various places and take whatever they want. This is why some of the network’s methods this time around may be a little bit extreme — even more so than you would think.

For a little bit more insight into this, just take a look at what series star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau had to say on this particular subject to Elite Daily recently:

“They’re very very strict. It’s reached a crazy level this year … We actually get the scripts, and then when we’ve shot the scene — and we only have it digitally — and then when you’ve done the scene, it just vanishes. It’s like Mission: Impossible. ‘This will self-destruct.’”

Basically, we just have to hope that some of these actors are really good at studying their lines. We also do wonder for many of them just how much access they have to the complete story and what’s going on around them, given there have been many reports out there and story elements that have changed over time. This could be one of those occasions in which some of the actors really are on the same page as their characters, at least in terms of precisely how much they know about the story beyond their own characters.

All of this secrecy may be for the best: While we cannot speak for some of the more diehard fan communities, at least most of the mainstream media has been able to steer clear of Game of Thrones spoilers for the time being.

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