John Goodman staying out of the Roseanne fray

Roseanne season 11
While we’ve heard reactions from a number of different people over the past couple of days about the cancellation of Roseannethere is one person who has remained rather silent: John Goodman. The actor of course played Roseanne’s husband Dan on the series for many years, and given his close proximity to Roseanne Barr on the series it only makes sense that there would be an interest in his words.

With that being said, Goodman clearly doesn’t feel that much of an urge to start shouting said words for all to hear. He’s never been one to seek publicity or attention outside of his work, and it certainly does not appear as though he is going to start now.

Speaking in a new footage posted over on ET Online, Goodman was brief in his thoughts on the cancellation of the show over Roseanne Barr’s recent tweets, saying that he would “rather say nothing than to cause more trouble.” We just see Goodman as someone who wants to mind his own business and not get in the headlines. That makes sense, especially given that now he could just easily take off somewhere and get some other interesting job. That’s one of the fantastic things about being John Goodman — you can really do whatever you want and act solely for the sake of acting. He has enough money that he never has to work again, but we still think that he will just because he’s John Goodman and he likes being an active part of the industry.

At the moment, it is technically still possible that Goodman returns to ABC for a different show with some of his Roseanne co-stars — as reported yesterday in both an article and the video below (be sure to subscribe for more updates), there is some consideration for creating a new series that would keep much of the cast and crew employed. In doing that, what it would also do in turn is keep Barr from profiting from the characters, which she would if the Roseanne show was kept around even without her character as a part of it.

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