America’s Got Talent review: The Sacred Riana, Savitsky Cats, We Three, more auditions

America's Got Talent season 13

Tonight, the America’s Got Talent premiere is officially upon us! What that means, effectively, is that our full coverage begins now! Whether it is reviews, video highlights, and so much more on the show, this is your go-to place.

For this review, we’re going to take a look at the audition highlights from the first show airing on NBC Tuesday night. Be sure to refresh this article as the show goes on for some more insight.

Savitsky Cats – The first audition of the season is something that was truly incredible. We can’t get our cat to even come by its name and yet, these people actually have cats doing tricks. Cats! Cats aren’t into this sort of thing typically. Incredibly entertaining and brilliantly creative. Their challenge now comes via finding a way to do something really innovative from here.

Shin Lim – A stellar magician who managed to do so many wonderful things within the span of just a few short minutes — and all with a deck of cards. One of the best card-trick magicians we’ve seen on the series to date. For more on him, check out our video take below — subscribe to YouTube for more like it.

Fake Judge Bit – We’ve seen this on some other editions of the show — a guy comes on, claims he wants to be a judge, and then he sits in on the panel and watches a terrible act. It’s funny as far as entertainment goes … but there had to be some real talent that could’ve been here, right?

We Three – It’s a family band! Most of these are admittedly hokey. We do think that these three are enormously talented and their song, dedicated to their late mother who passed away from cancer. What we would worry about from here is that their story is going to swallow up anything else they do since now, they will be synonymous with this big moment.

Human Fountains – This was a fantastic case of AGT trick editing making us think we were getting something really different than what we ended up having in the end. It turned out that these guys weren’t some cheesy opera group but instead, singers who also spit water in each others’ mouths.

Junior New System – This was almost the dance version of Human Fountains. We thought these guys from the Philippines were going to be yet another run-of-the-mill dance team … at least before they busted out those high heels and started to strut around the stage. Fantastic fun, and we think that they are more than just a good story.

Flau’jae – Consider this another powerful performance — this is one that featured a 14-year old rapper hitting the stage to perform her original song “Guns Down.” This was, in a word, powerful. She showcased that she’s more than capable of taking on tough lyrics at an early age.

Vicki Barbolak – She’s the perfect example of a comedian who has been doing this for a long time and really deserves a break. She’s crass, she cares about her craft, and she’s relatable. We think that if she keeps this up, she will be moving up from the trailer park in Oceanside into something much more.

The Sacred Riana – What we saw here was, from start to finish, pretty terrifying. This was a magic act, but it was also a magic act with a lot of horror mixed in there. It almost felt like a character in need of an exorcist suddenly developed magic powers.

Zurcaroh acrobats – The final act of the night, and one that was outstanding. So outstanding, in fact, that they got the golden buzzer from Tyra Banks! Read more about them over here.

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