Lucifer season 3 episode 26 review: The ‘what if?’ episode

Lucifer season 3 episode 26Lucifer season 3 episode 26 is the final episode filmed for the series on Fox, and it certainly proved itself to be different than others. After all, the entire premise here was simply this: What if Lucifer and Chloe never met? How different were their lives?

In the opening minutes of this episode, we got a good sense as to precisely what that looked like. Chloe was an actress rather than a detective (in this alternate universe, her father was still alive); meanwhile, Lucifer still had Lux and was hooking up with his lawyer Charlotte Richards in the penthouse. Ella in this world was a mechanic with a knack for some sketchy activity, Linda was a prominent TV host, and Dan, hilariously, was still a cop. No real change for Dan here.

Yet, one of the fun things about this show is that even though Lucifer and Chloe may have had new jobs in this world, eventually the two did find a way to eventually get back to each other. They both wanted the same thing when it comes to resolving the murder of a prolific stuntman named Strider. Even though the two of them weren’t cops, she was able to use her training from doing a ton of cop movies to help figure out how to solve a murder. They worked together, they had chemistry, and we also saw a little more of a proto-Lucifer when he didn’t follow all of the rules at all.

Despite many stumbles along the way, eventually the team ventured over to an iconic observatory — and also to the guilty party. Who knew that Brian Tee, otherwise known as Dr. Choi from Chicago Med, could also be a killer? He tried to escape Lucifer and Chloe, but in the end, he was put in handcuffs much like any other bad guys on the show. Following that, Chloe had an emotional moment with her father — this was surprisingly powerful to watch, mostly because we know that she wouldn’t get an opportunity to see this in the present timeline.

In the closing seconds, Chloe actually decided that she wanted to be a real detective instead of a fake one — and Lucifer wanted to join her eventually. This was an episode about choices, about fate, and also about people discovering their true selves. A big part of what makes Lucifer such a surprisingly-lovely show is how it somehow finds the sweet center of many of its characters no matter the circumstances.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, we would argue that this was a perfect way to send off Lucifer season 3 that was entertaining but also somewhat meaningful — it brought us almost full-circle to the origins of Lucifer and Chloe in a way that also made us smile. It almost felt like a different pilot for the show in some ways. In the end, though, we were reminded that Lucifer and Chloe were still Lucifer and Chloe. They were the same characters, just with a few different choices along the way.

Now, we have to look towards the powers-that-be / maybe pray to Neil Gaiman’s God that someone chooses to bring Lucifer back for a season 4. That’s where you can get some real resolution to what happened with Cain in season 3. There was no real resolution on the status of Deckerstar tonight, but that’s not exactly surprising since these were intended to be standalones to air at some point down the road.

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