What the Deception season 2 story would have been

For those of you out there who were interested in whatever a Deception season 2 could have been, especially in the aftermath of what happened tonight, this article is for you! In the aftermath of the stunning Jonathan reveal in the closing minutes, it turns out that Chris Fedak and the writers had a rather fun plan for where things were going to go from here. It’s just sad that the team couldn’t get a last-minute renewal like Fedak received on Chuck in the past.

In speaking on the plan per Entertainment Weekly, it seems as though Cameron Black wouldn’t have stayed locked away for very long following his brother swapping places with him and getting out into the real world — and the Mystery Woman:

About a month ago, we put together a pitch for season 2, which was epic and a really fun flip on the show that would have had Jonathan out in the world with the Mystery Woman, having adventures there. For me, I don’t think that Cameron would have been trapped in jail for too long. I think that he would have been there for probably 36 hours, enough time for him to seriously get into trouble. He would save himself by trying to do some magic tricks and hiding. With the DNA test or fingerprints, they would realize what had happened. He would be out of jail, but that’s only the beginning of it. The idea that you’ve been betrayed by your brother, the guy you’ve been trying to save, that’s such a delicious [story line] — Cameron going after his brother and trying to figure out what exactly happened. I think that would have been a huge twist on our show.

As for the Mystery Woman’s name, apparently the writers decided on one — which could have been revealed in due time. We’ve never personally thought that name reveals really matter all that much, mostly because once they are identified as a mystery they are almost always sure to disappoint.

Fedak also notes that he is open in continuing the story in some medium, even if it is not via a television series. Hopefully, there will be a magical way for this to manifest!

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