Emmy Hopefuls: Why Chicago Fire star Jesse Spencer is worthy of some love

Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney
In this edition of our ongoing Emmy Hopefuls series (which we’re running through the end of May), we are taking a look at Chicago Fire and a man in Jesse Spencer who, routinely, has been underrated as a part of the series. He’s an emotional anchor, a physical presence in the field, and someone who has made the most of fantastic material through the past six seasons.

Yet, Spencer hasn’t been the target of much awards consideration. Why is that? Do Emmy voters really hate fire for some reason? More so than that, it’s probably just an issue of them struggling to recognize network TV talent these days. We’re in an era at this point where there is so much programming, and as a result of that, unfortunately great talent is often overlooked.

What Spencer is bringing to Chicago Fire at the moment is multifaceted. In terms of emotion, he’s delivering you the full arsenal. We saw plenty of vulnerable moments with him and Dawson throughout the season, in addition to ones where his relationship with Severide grew strained and ones where he had to put his own problems to the side for the sake of other people. This season was another reminder that Casey constantly wants to do the right thing, but there is a clear distinction between a want and then actually having it come to fruition.

We referenced the physical commitment that comes with this role just because it is essential within a show about firefighters. Also, it makes the work all the more exhausting. Yet, Spencer remains totally believable no matter the setting you put him in. We love him in some of the more action-packed moments (see the image above) or seeing him doing day-to-day work around Firehouse 51.

What made this season different when it comes to material for Spencer is that with Casey’s promotion to captain, he had to face a whole new task: Seeing if there was a way in which for him to be able to balance friendships with also being a leader and a bass. Jesse did a great job of balancing those issues out as a performer, especially since it was only inevitable that they would clash here and there.

What are the chances of an Emmy nomination?

It’s a longshot, mostly because when it comes to network TV almost every actor is. The important thing with these Emmy Hopefuls articles is that we figure out ways in which to continue highlighting people who are deserving of some awards-show love. After all, this is the only way in which we’re going to see eventually a shift in thinking. Even if Spencer is snubbed this year, remember this: He is absolutely deserving and that doesn’t define his performance.

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