Instinct episode 8 review: Who’s the boss?

Instinct episode 8Instinct episode 8 was the first of two episodes that aired on CBS on Sunday night and almost from the jump, it was clear that there was going to be a difficult case at the center of the hour.

What we saw at the start of this hour was a shooting of a young person outside of a community center, and for Dylan and Lizzie, they had a figure out a way to determine what happened in a very short period of time — at the Mayor’s behest. The case unfolded in a way that many Instinct cases do, and that is with intelligence and where the method of the murder was not exactly as anyone would have thought. The victim was shot as a result of a ricochet — in other words, they were shot as an accident. The real target in Troy was not only alive, but also still being targeted. He was arrested, though, for the killing, and following that he was ready to plead guilty by way of insanity.

Why would someone take the fall for a crime that they did not commit? Basically, this person had to have been either afraid of what would happen to him on the outside or threatened on some level. Troy found himself in a tough place prior to his death, and it turns out that the person who actually wanted to kill him just wanted him gone so she could sell the building.

As a result of the investigation, it turns out that the initial shooting was not a hate crime at all — with that, Lizzie and Dylan proved to be a major asset to the Mayor and we’re wondering in the process of this what it means for Lizzie and Dylan in the future. Could they get even more high-profile cases as a result of all of this? We do wonder.

CarterMatt Verdict

We do think that Instinct does need to find more ways to solidify its supporting case, but we do appreciate them finding ways to rope in Andy to the cases thanks to its legal knowledge. This case, the first of a two-hour episode tonight, was a really solid standalone mystery, one that took on subjects of Lizzie’s overall sense of optimism and also the playful relationship that continues to exist between Lizzie and Dylan. (There was a fun little runner throughout here about who was actually in charge.)

We’re not sure anything really changed for the two of them in this hour, but we do like the refreshing feeling of a back-and-forth police partnership without having to worry about whether or not they’re going to hook up down the road.

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