The Blacklist season 6: Discussing the Katarina Rostova theories

The Blacklist logo any seasonMoving into The Blacklist season 6, there are of course many theories that are bouncing around all over the internet. Who is Fake Reddington (or Fred, if you will), really? There will probably be discussions on that question for months.

Even when the NBC series does return, though, it’s pretty likely that  Why is that? A lot of it just has to do with the fact that there is no inherent need for the producers to hurry it along. This is the sort of mystery that could easily be saved until the season 6 finale or later, mostly because production could drop a number of other super-fun clues along the way.

One of the biggest theories out there, without a doubt, is the one that centers around whether or not Katarina Rostova, Liz Keen’s mother, is actually Reddington in disguise. This is a popular but complicated theory, and we feel like a lot of the narrative juice comes out of it being the sort of OMG twist that many drama series would go for. It’s a little bit straight out of a soap opera, though, which does lead to the question as to whether or not we should really buy into it. Somehow, it is both too obvious and too abstract at the same time — when everyone suggests the same theory, is it all that much of an under-the-radar theory anymore?

What happened to Katarina remains one of the series’ biggest loose ends, and this was in turn why there were so many questions as to if it was her bones within the duffel bag. The big case for the theory is simple: What better way to disguise yourself than in plain sight? No one would ever suggest that she is Reddington and it would be a perfect way to be in Liz’s life without her ever knowing. It satisfies one big condition of Reddington’s existence: Whoever this is as to really care a great deal about Liz. Otherwise, why go through this whole charade in the first place?

Depending on who you are, there may also be some other assorted evidence that Reddington is actually Katarina assorted through time — we know that there are some who think there’s some evidence of this through the Mr. Kaplan flashbacks, and there are others who think that this is what Reddington whispered to Alexander Kirk. We’re sure there is a plan in place already, but it may not go down the predictable route — even if Reddington being Katarina, strange as it seems, is said predictable route.

What do you think about the Katarina Rostova theory when it comes to The Blacklist season 5? Share some of your thoughts in the comments!

(Photo: NBC.)

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