Poll: Did Shamy, Malec, Deckerstar, Jamko, or someone else have most romantic finale moment?

Over the next few days we’re sharing a series of polls in honor of finale season, and yesterday, it began by posing a simple question: What finale episode was the best? Today, we’re shifting over to ‘shipping by looking at some individual moments that had us cheering, tearing up, or leaving us on pins and needles to see what’s coming up next. These are the moments that make you thrilled to invest so much time and energy into these characters. We’ve got some of our picks below, and at the bottom of this article is a poll for you to share your favorite!

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Our picks

Avalance, Legends of Tomorrow – While the final episode may not have had some of the big moments for Sara and Ava that were there in months prior, we do love the scene of Ava asking Sara if she meant what she said when she told her she loved her. It was a real understanding of the love the two have for each other, even if it was interrupted right in the middle.

Deckerstar, Lucifer – While it was a pretty shocking cliffhanger with Chloe finally realizing the truth about Lucifer’s devil face, before that you had the breathtaking image of Lucifer wrapping Chloe in his angel wings before flying her off to safety. This comes just one episode after the two kissed — if a season 4 happens, we’re beyond excited to see what is going to come up next.

Jamko, Blue Bloods – By far, this engagement is one of the most stunning moments of May sweeps. We hoped that the two would get together, but we certainly didn’t think that they would jump right to engagement. Yet, they’ve known each other for years and, beyond that, they’re thinking of this as a way where they can keep working together.

Jolex, Grey’s Anatomy – How can you not include this wedding? Not only was it a great culmination of this relationship, but there was a lot of fun to be had here including having Meredith as the officiant! Their relationship is now solidified, so fingers crossed this goes better than many other marriages on this show.

Lucious and Cookie, Empire – We don’t think there’s that prominent a ‘ship name here, but given that the two are recommitted now via marriage is a huge move. It’s still hard to believe that Lucious has changed, but we’ll give him the tiniest benefit of the doubt heading into season 5.

Machel, Suits – We do think that the finale episode itself had some problems, mainly that the Mike – Rachel wedding was crammed into an episode that also served as a backdoor pilot for the Jessica Pearson spin-off. While this wedding was relatively short, it did contain many a lovely moment; also, it’s hard to ignore the history of it happening before Meghan Marle’s actual wedding earlier this month.

Malec, Shadowhunters – “Look what I have waiting for me.” Is there a more perfect line for Magnus Bane to say that than to Alec Lightwood? While it may have come at a devastating time for Magnus — he had a huge sacrifice to make in order to save Jace — this scene for Malec was another reminder of the strength of this relationship and the deep love that is there.

Manstead, Chicago Med – While the timing of Will’s proposal may not have been perfect, seeing that moment happen may be a cause of great celebration. He’s ready to make that commitment to Natalie and hopefully, there are good things to come for the two in season 4.

Saram, The Blacklist – Samar managed to survive her near-death experience, and beyond that, the two are now engaged! We recommend having a wedding as far away from Raymond Reddington as possible.

Shamy, The Big Bang Theory – How do you not include the wedding of Sheldon and Amy on this list? It was one of the most positive, joyous moments of the entire May sweeps. There were many touching callbacks and guest stars galore.

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